P.U.S.H. - 18 Jul 2014

by Prayer Team on July 18, 2014

Prayer Until Something Happens - this week's prayer items....
  • Pray for Vacation Bible School Summer Sunday School that runs from 20 July to 17 August. Pray that the children, volunteers and staff are blessed by the experience.
  • Pray for travel mercies and small blessings for those away for the summer. Pray that those remaining in Hong Kong for the summer will find fellowship through the on-going Union Church activities.
  • Pray for those who are unwell and battling serious illnesses. Pray upon these individuals Psalm 147:13-14.... "He strengthens the bars of your gates, and blesses your people within you. He grants peace to your borders, and satisfies you with the finest of wheat."
  • Pray for the BUFF project teams as they continue to work on the next stages of BUFF throughout the summer despite people being away.
  • Pray for people to be considering missions opportunities with Union Church when the summer comes to an end.
  • Pray for the families and friends of the Malaysian Airlines flight that crashed in the Ukraine. Pray for an easing of the tensions in the Ukraine and Middle East.

We encourage you to find comfort in prayer. If you have a prayer request, please send it to:  .

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