Welcome. Our goal is to provide opportunities for women to connect with women in fellowship creating moments to gather, pray, feast @thetable, worship + serve others as we grow in Christlikeness. We will create events throughout the year to encourage growth + connectivity through shared testimony, retreats, small group studies, food + prayer.

We have a diverse + active group of women that joins together regularly in large gatherings as well as smaller gatherings that create a safe space to share + discuss our faith.

Some key components of our ministry are Union Ezer prayer, encouragement to develop our spiritual gifts + Christ centered quality time together. Women’s Ministry brings together Godly women with a heart to know Jesus, walk as followers + be transformed by their faith. 

It is my prayer that the women of Union Church be a light to those around them. May they be in the world + not of the world. May they joyfully go out + connect beyond their Christian friends + share the good news of Jesus while being mindful of the opportunities God places upon their path. May the Lord help each woman to reach the unreachable + sow seeds that nurture growth. May this ministry not be task oriented, but instead a yielding + surrender to step heart to heart with God, His way. 

Dr Juliana Rotmeyer
Director of Creativity and Women's Ministry

Opportunities to Connect

Join @thetable, a new event creating opportunities for women to gather on Zoom for fun and fellowship. As the pandemic subsides, we will go out + support local restaurants in our neighbourhood. Please see the calendar below for upcoming events.
Ladies Gatherings
Women’s Ministry will host several Ladies gatherings throughout the year. Join for an evening of fun, fellowship, testimony + worship. Please see the the calendar below for upcoming events.

Annual Ladies Retreat
For the past 6 years we have enjoyed gathering together in all parts of Asia. In 2021 we stayed locally in Hong Kong. Whether abroad or local, it is an amazing weekend with amazing people. We hope to host the 7th annual Ladies retreat in Hong Kong this October.
Friday Ladies Group 
Join the Friday Ladies Group each Friday morning from 10:30am-12noon. This is a time to go deeper in your relationship with God enjoying Christian studies among friends while supporting each other through prayer.
Women's Wednesday Lunchtime Study
This online group meets from 12:30pm - 1:30pm to honour busy schedules! Come together to enjoy moments of study, fellowship + prayer.

Spiritual Gifts Class
Creativity Ministry invites you to discover God's vision for your life. Join Dan Tupps and Juliana Rotmeyer for this Spiritual Gifts class that helps you identify, understand and embrace your spiritual gifts. Learn more.
Monthly Newsletter
Stay connected by receiving the Women's Ministry monthly newsletter. If you wish to receive this special post please email us and provide your postal address.

upcoming 2022 calendar


22 - @thetable Zoom Social


9 - Women's Wednesday Lunchtime Study
29 - Let's Koinonia! Ladies Gathering


12 - RePrise! Let's Koinonia! Same Zoom link as before
26 - Restored - Reservoirs of Living Water


24 - Let's EAT: A Dinner with Jesus (Creativity Ministry)
28-29 May - stART Retreat (Creativity Ministry)


01 - Compassion Project - Capture Hong Kong! June - August (Creativity Ministry)
07 - The Artist's Way Study, Tuesdays through 23 August (Creativity Ministry)
27 - Compassion Project - Night Hike, Monday (Creativity Ministry) 


6 - Spiritual Gifts Class, Wednesdays through 24 August (Creativity Ministry)
10 - Compassion Project - Wander + Explore, Sunday (Creativity Ministry)


13 - Compassion Project - Art in the Park, Saturday (Creativity Ministry)

Women's Ministry - Ladies retreat

Ladies' Retreat

Women's ministry - @thetable

@thetable with Women's Ministry

What's new in 22? Watch the video to see how God is at work in Juliana's role as Director of Creativity and Women's Ministry.