Then Jesus came to them and said… Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you…  (Matthew 28: 18-20)

Jesus Christ is calling you and me to follow Him and serve

What does Missions look like at Union Church? Watch our video.

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Missional living

Jesus’ teachings help us to live missional lives, sharing the Good News of Christ Jesus in all walks of life – in the home, workplace, at school, and on the mission field too. We are all witnesses to the abiding love, power and faithfulness of God in our lives.

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Watch our video, Being missional at Union Church.

Our Missions Partners

Union Church partners with over 20 Hong Kong-based and international organisations who are committed to fulfilling the Great Commission through evangelising, compassion, and discipleship. All partners are selected through a process based on prayer, relationship and thorough vetting. Organisations identified as Friends of Union Church are not currently on our list of Missions Partners; however, we have close and long-standing relationships with these groups. 

We will welcome Sons & Daughters and SALT (Systematic Asian Leadership Training) to Union Church all morning on Sunday, 14 November. Learn about their work, and the impact they are having with the people they serve. 

Local Partners

Alpha Hong Kong

Impact for missions

Alpha offers the opportunity for people to explore the Christian faith, ask questions and share their point of view. If done in an open and friendly way, lives can be transformed.

Top needs

Alpha is praising and praying for the following:

  • Praise God they have launched Alpha Cantonese Teen Series (ACTS), an engaging video series exploring timeless questions about life, faith and Jesus for teenagers. ACTS has been premiered and Alpha has received very positive feedback. There is no comparable gospel media tool customised for local students. Please pray for continued impact among Hong Kong's youth. 

Alpha Hong Kong website

Asian Development Ministries (SALT)

Impact for missions

SALT is dedicated to creating Biblically sound materials that are tailor made for its target audiences so that nationals become the primary teachers equipping church leaders.

Asian Development Ministries (SALT) website

Chung King Ministry

Impact for missions

Chung King Ministry serves as the hands and feet of Christ in outreach to the elderly, the poor and the asylum seekers from many nations

Watch Chung King Ministry video

Filipino Fellowship Conference

Impact for missions

At Chinese New Year, the Filipino Fellowship Conference provides teaching, discipleship, fellowship and encouragement to the members of the Filipino Fellowship at Union Church

Filipino Fellowship Conference

Home of Loving Faithfulness

Impact for missions

HOLF aims to provide lifelong care in a Christian family setting for those children and adults with moderate to severe intellectual and physical disabilities. HOLF also seeks to be a loving home for aging parents who have dedicated their lives to caring for their special-needs child.

Top needs 

HOLF asks for prayers for smooth processing of their application to Social Welfare Department to extend their license to cover Block C which has been under renovation. In addition, HOLF is seeking prayers and volunteers to support and work in a new sensory garden that will broaden residents' life experiences and engage them in new ways. 

Home of Loving Faithfulness website

Inner City Ministries

Impact for missions

Inner City Ministries engages the South Asian community, to equip them and bring life transformation  through Christian Ministry.

Inner City Ministries website

Kun Sun Prison Ministry

Impact for missions

Kun Sun helps prisoners, rehabilitated persons, and their families experience a rebuilding of life and reconciliation through proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ and manifestation of Christ's love.

Kun Sun Prison Ministry website

Lutheran Theological Seminary

Impact for missions

LTS is one of Hong Kong’s preeminent seminaries, serving not only students from Hong Kong and China, but also those from Southeast Asia, greater Asia, many of whom worship at Union Church.

Lutheran Theological Seminary website

Mu Min Network Service Center

Impact for missions


St. Barnabas' Society and Home

Impact for missions

St. Barnabas' Society and Home brings God’s love and hope to the poor, homeless and elderly.

Top needs

Our friends ask for prayers for the following:

  • Several service users have contracted various illnesses. Please pray for Uncle Yin with Meniere's disease (i.e. dizziness, giddiness), Uncle Lam with severe headache, and Auntie Connie with pain in her legs. In addition, Auntie Ying’s and Zheng’s husbands were both hospitalised.
  • Our centre and various projects such as Weekday’s Meal, Outreach, Material Aids and Food Bank distribution are back to an operational level. May the good Lord provide volunteers to participate in the project operation or to provide additional resources to support these projects.   
  • Some of our Kids Learning Club (KLC) children have special education needs. Some have emotional issues, one child has speech problems, and many of them experience attention deficits. May God take care of them and protect them.
  • Our new KLC programme and weekdays’ homework tutoring programme will be launched in a few weeks.  May the good Lord provide additional resources to support these programmes and give dedicated brothers and sisters and volunteers a burden to teach, tutor, and to show Christ’s love and kindness to these kids.

St. Barnabas' Society and Home website

Sons & Daughters

Impact for missions

Sons & Daughters helps those caught in sexual exploitation to reclaim a life of love, family, and freedom. They actively seek and develop relationships with men and women involved in the sex industry.

Top needs

Volunteers! They  need bakers to prepare items to pass out during outreach, and volunteers to go into different districts of Hong Kong and develop relationships with women and men involved in the sex industry. They also need volunteers for their drop-in centre to befriend and disciple people they meet during outreach. They  hold classes of all sorts at the drop-in centre (e.g., Bible study, Alpha, exercise, cooking, sewing, computer skills, language). If you have a talent or skill you’d like to share, they could use you. They need your prayer support as well! And please consider supporting Restore, their social enterprise (https://www.restoreshop.org/) when shopping for a gift.

Sons & Daughters website


Impact for missions

This vibrant community of God-worshippers reach the lost, welcome in and send out teams and individuals, and serve the body of Christ in fulfulling its call to missions.

YWAM website

International Partners

4.20.20 Foundation

Impact for missions

4.2.20 believes in the power of the Word of God to transform lives and communities and that the key to effective transformation is personal engagement with the Word of God. The organisation and its partners aim to eliminate the Old Testament gap so that the whole bible is available to everyone in every language.  It trains mother tongue translators in biblical Hebrew so that they will have begun OT translation into every language by 2033.

Top needs

Please pray for:

  • Students intending to join 4.2.20's residential programme in Jerusalem in September who have insufficient funds (USD12,500 per student) or are now on the government's "red list" of restricted countries. Pray they are not disheartened or believe the challenges are insurmountable.
  • 4.2.20's Hebrew instructors in Jerusalem who are juggling three classes of students in the Hebrew Extension Programme. These heroes -Sharon, Dana, Daniel, Tali, Noga, Adam, Oleksander, Baskaran and Sharon - manage both programme and emotional progress of each of the newly 100 students who are participating, and 
  • 45 different language groups of 500,000+ speakers who are still waiting for the Old Testament. 


4.20.20 Foundation website

Union Church's prayer partner for 4.2.20: Emilie Chau Banfield

Bawing Church, Philippines

Impact for missions

Bawing Church is bringing people to Christ and discipling Christian leaders in Mindanao, Philippines. Union Church has had a thriving partnership with Bawing Church for decades. 

Bawing Church Facebook

CAMACOP Sogod, Philippines

Impact for missions

To make Christ known and intercede for the community.

CAMACOP Facebook

Desert Rose Mongolia

Impact for missions

Desert Rose is a Mongolian NGO with an emergency shelter for young women.

Desert Rose Mongolia Facebook

Faith Comes By Hearing, USA/Asia

Impact for missions

Its Vision 2033 aims to see that the Word of God is recorded and freely provided in every language that needs it by the year 2033, working to fulfill Jesus’ Great Commission in this generation.

Top needs

Pray for Vision 2033 can be completed. Also, FCBH Asia needs volunteers especially those who have skills in social media.

Faith Comes By Hearing website

FCOP International, Cambodia

Impact for missions

FCOP International is a church planting movement that cares for widows, orphans, and separated children in need.

FCOP International website

Flourishing Future Mongolia

Impact for missions

Flourishing Future partners with families to sustain them amidst physical, financial and emotional hardship. Flourishing Future addresses needs brought on by COVID-19, other medical requirements, orphan care, family hunger and education.

Flourishing Future Mongolia website

International Care Ministries (ICM), Philippines

Impact for missions

ICM has been providing help, inspiring hope, and creating change for families living in extreme poverty in the Philippines since 1992.

International Care Ministries (ICM) website

International China Concern (ICC), China

Impact for missions

International China Concern is a Christian development organization that provides love, hope and opportunity to children with disabilities and strives to end abandonment by keeping families together.

International China Concern (ICC) website

Light of the World Church and Preschool, Myanmar

Impact for missions

This Yangon-based church evangelises the local Buddhist community and disciples believers. They serve their local community and members in need with compassion and practical assistance. Through their preschool ministry, they teach children the good news about Jesus, and this provides further outreach opportunities to entire families.

Top needs

Prayer support for the political situation in Myanmar. May God grant them peace. Prayers for personal protection for Pastor Vum, his family, church members, and preschool families, from persecution, violence, and the pandemic.

Light of the World Church Preschool Facebook

SAT-7, Cyprus

Impact for missions

Sat-7 provides churches and Christians of the Middle East and North Africa an opportunity to witness to Jesus Christ through inspirational, informative and educational television services.

SAT-7 website

Shekinah Alliance, Philippines

Impact for missions

Shekinah Alliance is a Bible college in Buayan, General Santos, Philippines, that trains and equips Christian leaders.

Shekinah Alliance Facebook

Friends of Union Church

China Coast Community

Impact for missions

China Coast Community is a unique care and attention home in Hong Kong. It provides residential care for English speaking elderly persons regardless of their financial circumstances.

China Coast Community website


Impact for missions

Crossroads is a non-profit organisation serving global need. Crossroads believes that, in a broken world that sees too much suffering, they should do all they can to link those who are in need with those who can provide help. They do this through Global Distribution, Global X-perience, Global Hand, and Global Handicrafts.

Crossroads website

Hong Kong Church Network for the Poor

Impact for missions

The Hong Kong Church Network for the Poor (HKCNP) is a citywide network that serves the poor. Through collaboration across churches, Christian NGOs, and other Christian organisations, HKCNP helps to improve the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of poor people and break the cycle of inter-generational poverty.

HKCNP website


Impact for missions

ImpactHK’s goal is to provide the homeless with a connection to friends, society and a safe and comfortable home.

ImpactHK website


Impact for missions

LOVE 21 is a charity dedicated to bettering the lives of those living with Down syndrome and autism in Hong Kong through physical activity and nutrition.

LOVE 21 website

Mother's Choice

Impact for missions

Mother’s Choice is a local charity serving the many children without families and pregnant teenagers in Hong Kong, giving hope to vulnerable girls and babies. Mother’s Choice’s vision is to see every child in a loving family.

Mother's Choice website

Local Outreach


Over 70 Union people responded to the call to go and serve on Saturday, 16 October 2021. Sixty (60) of us gathered in the Sanctuary to worship and be commissioned by Pastor Michele. Then we scattered! 7 teams served our Wan Chai neighbourhood through Sons & Daughters, sold flags in Tsi m Sha Tsui for Kun Sun prison ministry, served and prayed at Chung King Ministry and St Barnabas' Society and Home, engaged with the underprivileged in Tin Shui Wai, met new families at Tamar Park, and wrote messages of encouragement to the elderly residents at China Coast Community.

People have described how their faith was stretched, how they drew closer to new people at Union, and the desire to serve more. One team coordinator commented, "It was an experience for me, as I had to learn to partner with God, Himself...for helping hands, food, and cards for elderly residents."

We thank God for this opportunity to go on outreach as a church family and love our neighbours in such tangible ways.

Mission trips

Visiting our overseas Missions Partners shows us the heart of God, deepens our faith, and blesses us as much or more than the people we go to serve.

Union Church plans several mission trips annually for individuals, families and youth. As the pandemic recedes, we will once again “go and make disciples of all nations”. Look for updates on future trips.


It is our prayer that individuals and our church generously give time, talent and financial resources to our Missions Partners and projects – because He has been so gracious and generous with us.

You may give directly to our Missions Partners, or you may donate through Union Church to any Partners on our approved Local and International Partner list. Follow the instructions for giving here and identify your preferred Missions Partner.

US taxpayers may wish to make tax-deductible donations through Friends of Hong Kong Charities, Inc.

Watch our video Giving to Missions.

Our Governance

We want to be effective and good stewards of God’s provision. Union Church has established strong structure, accountability, transparency and governance.

The church’s Committee of Management (COM) and the Deacons are directly involved in the work of the Missions committee, and COM oversees and approves Missions policies and practices.

All Missions Partners go through a detailed vetting process to promote impact and effectiveness.

For further information, please contact us.