Then Jesus came to them and said… Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you…  (Matthew 28: 18-20)

Jesus Christ is calling you and me to follow Him and serve

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Our missional origins


Union Church was founded by Dr James Legge as a missional church. Sent to Hong Kong by the London Missionary Society, Legge reached across Hong Kong society, preaching in English and in Chinese, forming a diverse and inclusive Christian community. This firm foundation influences our Christ-centred focus to the present day. 

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Missional living

Jesus’ teachings help us to live missional lives, sharing the Good News of Christ Jesus in all walks of life – in the home, workplace, at school, and on the mission field too. We are all witnesses to the abiding love, power and faithfulness of God in our lives.

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Our Missions Partners

Union Church partners with over 20 Hong Kong-based and international organisations who are committed to fulfilling the Great Commission through evangelising, compassion, and discipleship. Partners are selected through a process based on prayer, relationship and thorough vetting.

All of the Local and International Partners identified below are on our approved partner list. Organisations identified as Friends of Union Church are not currently on our approved list; however, Union Church has close and long-standing relationships with these groups. 

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Links to our Partners

Our Missions giving is global with an emphasis on partners and Union Church missions in Hong Kong. Our giving addresses God’s calling holistically, in evangelism, acts of compassion, and discipleship. 

Mission trips

Visiting our overseas Missions Partners shows us the heart of God, deepens our faith, and blesses us as much or more than the people we go to serve.

Union Church plans several mission trips annually for individuals, families and youth. As the pandemic recedes, we will once again “go and make disciples of all nations”. Look for updates on future trips.


It is our prayer that individuals and our church generously give time, talent and financial resources to our Missions Partners and projects – because He has been so gracious and generous with us.

You may give directly to our Missions Partners, or you may donate through Union Church to any Partners on our approved Local and International Partner list. Follow the instructions for giving here and identify your preferred Missions Partner.

US taxpayers may wish to make tax-deductible donations through Friends of Hong Kong Charities, Inc.

Watch our video Giving to Missions.

Our Governance

We want to be effective and good stewards of God’s provision. Union Church has established strong structure, accountability, transparency and governance.

The church’s Committee of Management (COM) and the Deacons are directly involved in the work of the Missions committee, and COM oversees and approves Missions policies and practices.

All Missions Partners go through a detailed vetting process to promote impact and effectiveness.

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