P.U.S.H. - 04 Mar 2016

by Prayer Team on March 04, 2016

Pray Until Something Happens - this week prayer items...

  • Pray for persecuted Christians worldwide, especially those in high-conflict zones such as the Middle East. Pray that persecuted believers know the hope God gives. Pray that the Holy Spirit will strengthen them. Pray that persecuted believers know how much God loves them. Pray that persecuted believers fearlessly tell others about Jesus and that our Heavenly Father will protect them. 
  • Pray for missions everywhere ~ pray for protection, wisdom and discernment for their leaders and teams. 
  • Pray for leaders everywhere ~ pray for those close to you and world leaders afar - as they provide direction for individuals, communities, countries and the world. 
  • Pray for the team leading the BUFF project and pray for God's will to be done, that He open and close His doors. 

If you wish someone to pray with you, please feel free to pray with one of the Deacons or intercessors at the front of the sanctuary after the services.  For prayer requests, please email to

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