P.U.S.H - 11 Dec 2015

by Prayer Team on December 08, 2015

Pray Until Something Happens - this weeks prayer items...

As family & friends observe the third anniversary of Deacon Edward Payne's being in Heaven, may we heed the urgency of God's call, to bring in, as many people - young & old - to be clothed with His white robes of 'righteousness' & topped with crowns.  Revelation 4:7

The Union Church Youth provided the following prayers for the Christmas season. Please join them in prayer…

  • I pray that this Christmas I'm not too focused on presents and I am more focused on God and family.
  • I pray that everyone is happy and spends at least one week with loved ones. I pray this will stop anyone from feeling lonely.
  • I pray that I spend more time and effort making / buying gifts and making a Christmas Charity Box.
  • I pray that I spend more time with my family and give them presents they love and can put to good use.
  • I pray to spend more time with my family and friends. I pray I listen to them, and give more care to them, during Christmas.
  • I pray for all to participate in Christmas, that no one is left behind.
  • I pray for family peace and harmony.
  • I pray I could spend more time with my family
  • I didn't trust someone I love. I pray that I believe them and trust them again.
  • I pray that my dad doesn't need to work. I pray he is more relaxed about Christmas and doesn’t focus on work.
  • I pray for no more bullying.
  • I pray for spreading Christmas joy and for people to be kind and loving.
  • I pray, with the help of Jesus Christ, to have my impatience taken away. I pray I don’t react negatively to unexpected circumstances. I want to pour into Christmas that I trust in God's presence and that He will make sense of my life.
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