P.U.S.H. - 08 Apr 2016

by Prayer Team on April 08, 2016

Pray Until Something Happens - this week prayer items...

  • Pray that the blessing of the LORD is upon everyone and may people know the joy of putting His name above others. For indeed, blessed are those who walk in the light of God's face. 
  • Pray for people to see how all that comes to them is with peace of soul and with firm conviction that the Lord's will governs.
  •  Pray for health and strength and daily food, and pray that people are content with what they have.
  •  Pray for those in the midst of conflict - whether family or work stress, or violence in conflict zones - may all find peace, love and rest in the Lord.
  • Pray for the BUFF redevelopment project as Union Church leaders steer it forward. Pray for open doors according to God's will

If you wish someone to pray with you, please feel free to pray with one of the Deacons or intercessors at the front of the sanctuary after the services. For prayer requests, please email to

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