Transforming Our Work and Workplaces

26 February, 2023 12:30pm

Do you desire to bring your whole self to work—mind, body, and soul? Are you no longer satisfied with sacrificing your core identity in the workplace, or having a compartmentalised spirituality? Do you want to know how your Christian identity can affect your view of and behaviour in the business world?

Union Church Faith in the Marketplace ministry presents 4 sessions on Transforming Our Work and Workplaces, in collaboration with the Hong Kong Institute for Marketplace Transformation. The topics stand alone so please sign up and join us for one or all four of the sessions. [Registration form below]

On Sundays, we will meet from 12:30 - 1:30pm in the Youth Room to explore: 

Session 1 - 15 January - Whose Work Matters to God?
Focus: Understanding how our work fits in with the Lord’s work
Key question: How should Christians do their work in the world?
Panelists: Alistair Chiu, Jimmy Pak and Charles Caldwell

Session 2 - 29 January - Working in a Tough and Uncertain World
Focus: Understanding the reality of a world that doesn’t follow God and practical encouragement to persevere
Key question: How should we conduct our work in a culture that doesn’t share our values?
Guest speaker: Andrew Chua

Session 3 - 12 February - What’s So Good about Working?
Focus: Reframing work as mission
Key Question: How do we see God in the workplace?
Guest speaker: Aaron Tan

Session 4 - 26 February - Taking Your Soul to Work
Focus: Living by the Fruit of the Spirit and resisting the sins of the marketplace
Key Question: How can I let the Fruit of the Spirit be at work in my work?
Guest speaker: Cecilia Lee

We welcome Alistair Chiu and Jimmy Pak of the Hong Kong Institute of Marketplace Transformation (HK-IMT) who will facilitate the teaching and facilitate discussion, with support by the Faith in the Marketplace ministry team at Union Church. 

Read more about HK-IMT here, as well as the bios for Alistair and Jimmy

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