But now, O Lord, you are our Father; we are the clay, + you are our potter; we are all the work of your hand. Isaiah 64:8

Welcome! Creativity Ministry embraces the opportunity to deepen a relationship with Jesus in new creative ways. God is our creator! We are HIS vessels. May we yield to HIS hands as HE awakens our spirit to HIS presence in our life.

A key component of our ministry is the opportunity to experience God together as one, in the silence, through fellowship, making, creating + actively listening. The intention is to know God in real ways, in a relationship. As we create opportunities to experience GOD, we believe HE will show up! We welcome women, men + young adults to join + take part as we witness God moving among us.

Opportunities to Experience

Creative Tuesday Group
This online group meets from 12:00 - 1:00pm using various Christian studies to take a journey with Jesus using art + spiritual formation practices. Our next study for men, women + young adults begins on 5 September, Art for the Soul. Register 

Passion Project
The Passion Project, formally known as the Compassion Project, is launching its second year! Our group of 10 volunteers is excited to share what we are passionate about! We are excited to create projects that are ALL inclusive, for the church, led by the church, not bound by the church walls. Click here for more details and join in the latest project, Evidence of Things Not Seen.

stART Retreat
The Creativity Ministry invites Women, Men + Young Adults to come together on two-day stART Retreats held every year. In April, we  experienced God in new ways, being immersively present using art as a companion. With this year's theme 'awake my SOUL', we made things with our hands, were able to see things in new ways, capture moments, pray, worship + create something new!
2023 calendar


2 - Passion Project Learn more
7 - Creative Tuesday Group - Discovering God Through the Arts - 10 weeks 
12 - Safe Families introductory session and lunch
16 - Passion Project


2 - Passion Project
7 - Discovering God Through the Arts, cont. 
16 - Passion Project


21-22 - stART Retreat 'awake my SOUL!' 


2 - Creative Tuesday Group - Faith + Art - 9 weeks


6 - Creative Tuesday Group - Faith + Art - ongoing


2 - Creative Tuesday luncheon
4 - Creative Church, HIS vessels
18 - Creative Tuesday Group - Seeing the Psalms


1-31 - Passion Project: Evidence of Things Not Seen Learn more and submit


5 - New Creative Tuesday study begins - Art for the Soul Register


6 - Movie Night - The Pilgrim's Progress Register

god is doing a new thing at union church - welcome to creativity ministry

stART Retreat 2023

start retreat -  april 2023