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U Matters - November 21, 2013

by Greg Anderson on November 21, 2013

Sometimes the best way to say thanks is by giving. Holly and I are shopping for Christmas presents for friends as well as family. We want them to know how much we value them and how much they mean to us. The same is true about thanking God.

My colleagues Ting and Anita engaged me in a spirited discussion (church speak for argument) about whether a wedding can be a worship service. Can filling out a pledge card be an act of worship? Paul tells the Corinthians that their "generosity will produce thanksgiving to God" and that they will "glorify God" through their giving.   

Sunday we gather to worship God and part of that worship will be giving. Hopefully, it will be THANKS GIVING as we reflect on the grace and bounty and joy he has poured into our lives through Christ. Be sure to stay for the turkey feast that follows the 11AM and 5PM services.

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