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U Matters - December 5, 2013

by Ting Guevarra-Small on December 05, 2013

This Sunday, over a hundred of our children are performing our Christmas Musical, "MTR to Bethlehem." In our time of preparation, we have talked about the whats and whys of the coming of Jesus. We are so excited to tell you this awesome story of God himself coming to us in the most ordinary of circumstances - like the MTR! We hope that the children's joyful singing will help you connect with the wonder and glory of that day, and keep you smiling as we take you from Kennedy Road to Bethlehem.

We are grateful to our Sunday School teachers who spent all this time with the kids, under the leadership of Chris Yorks, our Worship Director and Judy Hon, our Playgroup Director who shared their love through music. We hope to see you there!

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