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U Matters - 29 Jan 2015

by Greg Anderson on January 29, 2015

U Matters

Sunday we say goodbye to Ting Guevarra, our Children’s Ministry Director extraordinaire. In 3 1/2 years she has taken a good Sunday school and made it great. She has been a fabulous colleague and a management mentor to this minister. “How do we get from here to there?” is a Ting question that will always haunt me. She has pastored her teachers and has had a profound impact in the lives of our children. God bless you Ting, Michael, and Maddie as you leave us.

Pastor Greg


One of our hardworking janitors demonstrated Jesus in action his week. When I heard that he had received several unhelpful criticisms, I met with him to apologize.

His response to me was classic: " It's OK pastor, I forgive this person. It does no good to hate."

Take an extra minute to greet and thank our custodial staff this week. And remember to forgive.

Pastor Greg

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