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U Matters - 28 March 2019

by Pastor Michele on March 28, 2019

The Greatest Commandment and the Ten Commandments sum up our role as Christians well. In short, we are to worship God and build up the body of Christ. In so many ways this week I witnessed members of our congregation doing this. Many gathered Sunday to worship, some came to pray on Tuesday morning and Wednesday night, others set up WhatsApp prayer chains to pray for the sick and the broken-hearted, some visited the hospital and brought food. We love because He first loved us. 1 John 4:19

This week, I also overheard a conversation with Jeff Rotmeyer (Impact HK) and Hemyer (our friend from Yemen) discussing an upcoming Kindness Walk. Jeff asked Hemyer, “so how many people are you bringing on the walk?” Hemyer replied, “30.” Jeff, “what? 13?.” Hemyer, “no, 30.” Jeff, “30?” Hemyer, “yes there are 30 people who want to come and bless the people of Hong Kong.” I stood amazed. Hemyer, an aslymn seeker, gathering 30 aslymn seekers and refugees to go and help the homeless of Hong Kong. WOW –such power and influence in the body of Christ. We all play such an important part in building up the body of Christ and when we do, God is glorified. There is healing and transformation when we work together.

Peace be with you,
Pastor Michele

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