U Matters

U Matters - 28 Aug 2014

by Greg Anderson on August 28, 2014

This week I picked up a beer can off the front steps of Union, only to find that it was shaking and buzzing inside. Some sort of insect (I didn't hold the can long enough to establish bug taxonomy) was stuck inside. Last week, between the record numbers at Youth Group on Friday and the Sunday crowds at the Family Fiesta, Union was shaking and buzzing! What a great start to what promises to be one of the most memorable times in Union's long history. Please pray for your leaders as they seek to lead Union. Please pray for the the small group leaders, youth workers, and Sunday School teachers who serve way bey ond the call of duty. 

Thank you for being part of the buzz and may God continue to guide our lives as we follow his Son.

Pastor Greg

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