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U Matters - 26 Mar 2015

by Greg Anderson on March 26, 2015

James Legge, the founder and father of Union Church, wrote in 1847 that his goal was “to tell the millions of China’s people about Jesus Christ.” As a missionary, a scholar, and Union’s pastor for 26 years, he made an impact that continues to this day.

Next Wednesday, thirty-five James Legge scholars from around the world will visit Union Church. We are invited to join them. There will be a fellowship time at 7:00PM and then a panel at 7:30PM. Christopher Legge will present a powerpoint presentation on his great-great grandfather. Several of us will make brief presentations, moderated by HKBU’s Professor Lauren Pfister, a top authority on Legge. This is a great chance to learn about Union’s heritage and how we can learn from the past as we shape Union’s future together.

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