U Matters

U Matters - 26 Feb 2014

by Matthew Fredericks on February 27, 2015

Mike Powers, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu champion and MMA instructor, motivated his listeners on Wednesday night. Illustrating the point that leaders give back, he compared ants and crabs. Ants form a line, communicate the location of food, and coordinate resource gathering. A crab, though large enough to escape from a fisherman's bucket if it stood on another crab's shell, will never succeed in freeing itself because some other crab will pull it down. It is a privilege to work in a church which, like the ants Solomon observed in Proverbs 6, cooperate to the build God's Kingdom. Mike concluded thus: Jiu Jitsu trainers look at white belts and see black belts. The youth and young adults of Union Church greatly appreciate the mentors who speak at and serve Oasis on Wednesday and the youth on Friday, who look at beginners and see CEOs, directors, principals, partners, the future. Thanks for your encouragement and faith.

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