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U Matters - 24 Nov 2016

by Greg Anderson on November 24, 2016

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good,” writes the Psalmist (Psalm 107:1). As we reflect over last Sunday (Jazz Service, Thanksgiving Feast etc.) and look forward to this one (St. Andrew’s Day with tartans and pipes), we thank God for the chance to worship his goodness and grace.

This Sunday is Stewardship Sunday. We ask that you prayerfully ponder how you will support Union financially this next year. Your increasing generosity from year to year is something that has me thanking and praising God. 2017 promises to be one of the most eventful in the history of Union, and we need to be spiritually and financially prepared for the opportunities the Lord will bring our way.

We are using live preachers (as opposed to?) at the 11:00AM U-Café service this month. This week we welcome Steven Lee, a pastor at College Church Wheaton, IL to give the message. Don’t miss the chance to hear one of my favourite Chinese-American preachers share Jesus Christ!

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