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U Matters - 22 May 2014

by Greg Anderson on May 22, 2014

This week I have been the victim of an MTR door and a lift door closing on me. Twice in one week I have been thrown off balance by an unexpected blow. That's sort of how I feel when I consider the medical situations that our dear friends Nick Miller and Grover Dear are battling. I am off-balance and bruised as I look at the suffering that sneaks up on friends. This Sunday, there are encouragement cards we invite you to fill out for these two very special men who have had such an impact on Union.

Last week's Mission's Sunday, a record attendance at youth events and Oasis, and a flood of new members are just some of the highlights of what God is doing at Union. I am so proud of my colleagues and this amazing congregation as we minister together.

Next Sunday, Dr. Nick Perrin, the Dean of the Wheaton Graduate School, author of several books, will speak at 9:30 and 11:00 on "From Stories to Scripture: When Did the Gospels Become Authoritative?". You won't want to miss it!

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