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U Matters - 21 Dec 2017

by Greg Anderson on December 21, 2017

Matt Peterson wrote a poem that sums us the season:

Only she who had little of this world
To lose—refugee, unwed mother,
Carried by tradition and a donkey—
Let the presence of God fill her to bursting,
A love the world said there was no room.

By and through tender flesh, a baby
Will be raised. A baby, love made flesh, is born
To save us from ourselves,
From the shame we cling to,
From the doubts we depend on,

For us to serve, for us
To clothe, for us
To shelter, for us
To bury, for us
To mourn, for us
To raise.

Behold, a child is born.
Be held by God with us.

Matt and Monte Peterson, along with their children Finn and Willa have returned to Hong Kong and Union. Monte has led our “just10” initiative and is coordinating small groups and adult education. Matt is the head of English at CIS. And as you just read, he is a poet.
Happy Christmas!

Pastor Greg

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