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U Matters - 21 Apr 2016

by Pastor Michele on April 21, 2016

In many respects, I feel we have been riding the Easter-tide. Over Easter there were three mission trips (Mongolia and two to the Philippines) which engaged 36 people. We baptized 10 people. This week we hosted 140 ladies for Union Church's first annual ladies dinner, which included great opportunities for connection. Additionally, Alpha had a very full house and successful relaunch. 

But yet there are great things still to come! We have some amazing speakers lined up. This Sunday, Dr Gary Hoag from the Global Generosity Network will speak in the morning. Next week Dr David Miller will give a Faith and Work seminar and will be speaking at the 5PM. And a few weeks later, Canon Andrew White will be speaking Sunday 15 May at the 5PM service. You are not going to want to miss a Sunday and you will want to bring a friend.

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