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U Matters - 20 Dec 2018

by Greg Anderson on December 21, 2018

“God is guiding you, like it or not.” I received that message from a friend this week and I have been pondering it ever since. Shortly, I will leave this wonderful church and its even more wonderful people. Like Paul in Acts 20:22, “And now, as a captive to the Spirit, I am on my way…not knowing what will happen to me there.” Holly and I appreciate your prayers as we begin this new adventure. We have been overwhelmed by your generosity, friendship, and care. Some of the most significant conversations of my life have happened in the last few weeks and I only wish I could spend time talking to each one of you. God has guided me through you, and I like it and will miss you greatly.

Speaking of God guiding us, like it or not, think of Mary, Joseph, the Shepherds, and the Wise Men. The Christmas story shows how God leads ordinary people to do his will. As we celebrate Christmas, here or far away, with family or with friends, let us be grateful for a God who guides as we seek to follow his Son in the power of his Spirit.

See you Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday as we worship together. (Don’t get to write that very often.) Those of you who make Sunday, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day services will receive a special present.

Pastor Greg

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