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U Matters - 19 Feb 2015

by Greg Anderson on February 18, 2015

This week is the beginning of the CNY, but also of Lent.

One of the joys of ministry in Hong Kong is the fellowship and friendship between the pastors of the various international churches. For the past five years we have worked together in a joint Lenten project. This year it takes the form of a "Pray It Forward" prayer card. Please pick up a free card this and next Sunday when you are in church. There is a Psalm to be read and a church to be prayed for.

For those who can't wait to get the card, here are the first few days: The Ash Wednesday reading is Psalm 1 and we are to pray for Calvary Church. 19 February read Psalm 8 and pray for Kowloon International Baptist Church. 20 February read Psalm13 and pray for St. John's Cathedral. Saturday read Psalm 15 and pray for Joyful Harvest Fellowship.

May the Psalms enrich our lives as we settle in the rhythm of reading and praying in preparation for Easter.

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