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U Matters - 17 Jan 2019

by Pastor Michele on January 17, 2019

This past weekend many of the Deacons, Committee of Management (COM) and staff met for a half day retreat with an outside speaker. It was good to be together, we studied the book of Ephesians highlighting the Marks of a Healthy Church. The speaker had prepared to speak at length on the book "Life Together" by Dietrich Bonhoeffer but as our deacons and staff had recently studied it, he used it as a reference. As we engaged with the chapters, I wondered if this might be a good book for us to reflect on as we journey together. Interestingly, our Sunday speaker also suggested the book "Life Together". So, with this in mind, we have attached a link for the book. I am thankful that because of Christ we are united, He is our common bond, may He help us as we grow together.


Today, 39 ladies left for Chiang Mai for our 4th annual Ladies Retreat. Please pray for us as we travel, learn and renew. This weekend, is radio broadcast Sunday and we will continue with our sermon series Good and Beautiful God with Anto Ficatier preaching.

Please see the notices around the Church concerning the Family Meeting on the 27th Jan which also includes details of the agenda.

May God bless and encourage you,
Pastor Michele

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