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U Matters - 13 Nov 2014

by Greg Anderson on November 17, 2014

We are in for some great teaching on generosity this Sunday. Dr. Rod Wilson, President of Regent College in Vancouver, will be preaching on "Conversion of the Hong Kong Wallet" at 9:30AM and 11AM services. Our own Brenna Dykman will be talking at 8:30AM and 5:00PM services on "RevealReceive, Retranslate, and Return." Please keep an open mind to what the Lord would have you give. Several of you have asked me for concrete, tangible benchmarks for giving. My suggestion has been to ask God not Greg. Relinquishing resources to the Lord’s work is hard for some of us. For others it is a joy and act of worship. Giving affords me the opportunity to take my faith very seriously. Holly and I are praying, talking and getting ready to make a commitment next Sunday. Please join us in this adventure of faith and joy.

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