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U Matters - 13 March 2014

by Greg Anderson on March 13, 2014

If you think Union is busy on Sunday, come here any other day of the week. We are a seven day-a-week church. Monday a large group of guys met for Men's Fraternity. Tuesday 61 people showed up for the first in a Lenten series on suffering. Wednesday our Young Adults heard three Christian architects share their faith and their craft. Thursday the sanctuary is full of wedding rehearsals and Friday the booming youth group invades these sacred precincts. God has blessed Union and we need to be attentive to his guidance as we look to our future. Union is an exciting church and we haven't even begun to see what our Lord has planned for us. 

Sunday at 11AM is the BIG VOTE. Please read carefully the announcements about the AGM below. If you are a member, we want you there to vote. The study, the debate, and the preparation are over. Now is the time to act. God will speak through his people. We seek to discern His will for us as we continue the adventure of following Christ together.


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