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U Matters - 11 April 2019

by Pastor Michele on April 11, 2019

Let’s get the record straight. There are a few things I need to declare that were brought to my attention this week. Please note, I have not been traveling; I do not need help with an Amazon shipment; it wasn’t my cousin’s birthday; I don’t need a favour; nor do I need help with a vendor payment. Apparently I had a busy week. My apologies to those who received a spam.
This Sunday is Palm Sunday or Passion Sunday. It is a Sunday of declaration. Join us as we declare Jesus is King, our Messiah and Lord. Join us as we wave palm branches and sing triumphantly with shouts of praise. Join us as we begin Holy week, a week to remember and reflect on what Jesus faced which will culminate in the glory of the Resurrection.
This Sunday Monte Peterson will speak in the morning services and Pastor Michele will speak in the evening.
Blessings and peace,
Pastor Michele

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