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U Matters - 10 Jul 2014

by Greg Anderson on July 10, 2014

Tuesday night architect Willem Jan de Hek gave a brilliant presentation, interspersed with spirited small group discussion, on the church. He traced the evolution of church buildings from a focus on the altar (Eucharist) to the pulpit (Bible) to the auditorium (performance). This helpful insight reminds me of three bestselling books: Loving God by Chuck Colson, Knowing God by J.I. Packer, and Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby. When you think of God, do you want to love him, know him, or experience him? All three are critical but my hunch is that each of us has one of the three that is most meaningful.

Union is a place where you can love, know, and experience God through his Son Jesus Christ and his followers. Willem told us the purpose of the church is to meet God and to meet others. What a joy to be part of what the Lord is doing at Union. May this be a great week of knowing, experiencing, and loving God!

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