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U Matters - 1 Dec 2016

by Greg Anderson on December 01, 2016

This Sunday we worship with our amazing choir as they perform the Christmas Cantata in the morning and at 5PM we hear the amazing story of Kenneth Bae, a missionary held in a North Korean prison. Worship and witness have been at the core of what Union is about. The Deacons have asked the mission committee to focus on persecuted Christians and the poor. Your break-all-records offering to the Hong Kong Church Network for the Poor and your volunteer work have been a wonderful response to the Deacon’s vision.

Quite frankly, we need another “break-all-records” financial commitment from you. We have had a low-key stewardship drive but we still need you to fill out a commitment card. The treasurer is basing the 2017 budget in large part on these commitment cards. Sorry to be a nag but we want you to be sure to fill out a card asap as we enter December.

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