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U Matters - 09 Oct 2014

by Greg Anderson on October 09, 2014

Alpha's meal Wednesday night was a gourmet extravaganza prepared by Rebekah Nutland, fresh back from cooking school in England. Since not part of Alpha, I asked permission to join the feast. Someone said, “He is the pastor so we can trust him." Five Alpha and Union leaders, who know me very well, all started to laugh. If one or two had laughed I would have been OK. But everyone laughed when it was claimed I could be trusted.

Lessons learned?   

Lesson 1. We may not always be trustworthy but we serve a God who always keeps his word and sent his Son to die for those of us who can't keep a promise.  

Lesson 2. You better tell your friends that this is the time to join Alpha because the food as well as the fellowship and the faith-exploring is fantastic!

Lesson 3. Do not spill gourmet food on the American Consulate General. He was enjoying the meal before he was to speak to the Oasis. I made a point with my plate and now I face a dry cleaning bill or the loss of my American passport!

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