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U Matters - 05 Mar 2015

by Greg Anderson on March 05, 2015

"I don't seem to know most of the people I worship with at Union," or some variation on that theme, is something we hear on a regular basis. The growth that God has granted is great, but it means that some of us are not able to connect to each other the way we used to. How can we grow closer as we grow larger?

Plan to attend the "Connect and Transform" Family Retreat next weekend. Whether you can stay the whole time, or just join us for Saturday, there will be something for everyone.

Professor Jerry Root from Wheaton College is one of my favourite people on the planet. He will be speaking at the retreat. He will also give a lecture on C.S. Lewis (my favourite author on the planet) Wednesday night at 8:00PM at Union. The young adults have opened Oasis for everyone. Wednesday or the weekend, get to hear Jerry and he will help us connect with our Lord and with each other.

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