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U Matters - 04 Sep 2014

by Greg Anderson on September 04, 2014

It should be a great Sunday. Dr. Sam Tsang, an NT scholar will be preaching in the morning. Copies of his books will be available. He is speaking on "The Unexpected Story of Giving: the Widow's Mite." Every time I hear Sam preach I come away with an unexpected understanding of God's Word. I can't wait to hear what Sam has to say about giving.

Speaking of giving, Nick Miller gave generously of his time and talents to help build U-Cafe into the amazing service it is today (170 of you were there last Sunday). He is suffering from ALS and failing fast. To help out Nick and Alison during this time of crisis, we are taking a special offering that will go to this special family in need. Nick is in hospital in Singapore but they will be moving shortly to the UK. If you missed the Ice Bucket Challenge (wish I had), this is your chance to give not only to a good cause but to an amazing man. There will be envelopes in the pews and on the seats of U-Cafe.

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