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U Matters - 03 Jul 2014

by Greg Anderson on July 03, 2014

This week Pastor Matthew and I had a farewell lunch with a Union family moving from Hong Kong after three years. I was sad, they were very sad, and Matthew was very, very, sad. Matthew mentioned that now that he has been here two years it is harder to say goodbye. Since this is my 19th year of international church ministry, I wished I could tell him it gets easier to say goodbye. That would have been a lie. It stays hard to bid farewell to friends with whom you have gone on mission trips, prayed with and for, and who have brought so much inspiration into your life.

What a joy it is that for a very brief time we have the chance to work and grow together at Union. Next Sunday is the first "Left Behind" BBQ for those who are left in HK whilst everyone else is on holiday. What a great time to make new friends and catch up with old ones. And why not sign up for the September Union Cruise? God has brought some very interesting people together at Union and you owe it to yourself (and to them) to meet them.

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