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U Matters - 03 Apr 2014

by Greg Anderson on April 03, 2014

This Sunday, after the 11AM service, could be one of the most important lunches in Union's history. Already almost 50 people have indicated that they will attend Amnesty Sunday Membership Lunch. If you are a regular attender but not a member, we urge you to join us and to join Union! The Deacons will be there, there will be a simple presentation, and you will have a chance sign up. You will then be voted on by the Deacons and you will be publicly received into membership on 11 May (or a subsequent Sunday for those who can't make the 11th).

The momentum of so many new members at the very time we are looking at expansion of facilities and ministries is thrilling. God has some great plans for us as we follow Jesus together. Please take this unusual opportunity to join us!

Pastor Greg

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