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U Matters - 01 Oct 2015

by Greg Anderson on October 01, 2015

When I said porcupines don’t come to church so we have go to where they are, and that is the same for non-Christians--- I was wrong! All sorts of spiritual porcupines have come forward. One comes to Union because of caring people, one for meeting influential people, two because a spouse or friend does, etc.

One porcupine person suggests we pass out porcupine pins. But then we would have to pass out Christian pins.Would you wear a Christian pin to work or play?

Even without a pin, the porcupines in our lives are watching how we live. The Apostle Paul tells us in 1 Timothy 3 that character counts. What a joy and challenge it is to represent Christ to those who don’t yet know him!

This week, over 50 youth and adults will be in the Philippines for mission trips. Those of us left behind have our own mission!

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