Small Group Study: The Lord of the Sabbath Opens His Book of Revelation

22 June, 2024 5:15pm

Small Group Study, The Lord of the Sabbath Opens His Book of Revelation, Saturdays, 25 May, 8 June and 22 June, 5:15pm to 7:15pm, in Union Church or via zoom meeting.

Many people think that Revelation foretells fanciful happenings that will come upon the world. Instead, can there be another perspective of reading this last book of the Bible? Revelation, the very conclusion of the Bible, is Jesus’ three-point eternal gospel (Rev. 14:6-10). Does this sound reasonable? Join us to learn more about this exciting message, along with interpreting (or re-interpreting) the metaphors in this book that align with the three-point eternal gospel.

There are total 7 sessions:
First 3 sessions on Saturday afternoons (5:15pm to 7:15pm) before summer term break : 25 May, 8 June, 22 June.

The remaining 4 study sessions will be in Sept and October.

Anyone interested to join can approach Linda at 

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