The Jesus Lifestyle Course

19 June, 2024 7:30pm

The Jesus Lifestyle 6-week course, Wednesdays, starting on 29 May, 7:30-9pm in Union Church 2/F Youth Room. 

Are you searching for happiness and a meaningful life that could change the world? Do you feel the need for remedies in coping with anger, divorce and navigating sensitive topics like sex? Are you interested in exploring a smart way to understand the mysteries of the Old Testament?

Join Peter Fishwick and Walter Wu for the Jesus Lifestyle course as we dive into the real 21st century topics that Christians are now facing. Come and discover how to live out the teachings of Jesus in our modern world.

The Jesus Lifestyle is a book written by Nicky Gumbel which is designed for those new to the Christian faith and makes an excellent follow-up to Alpha.


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