Lunch with SAT-7 CEO, Rita El-Mounayer

29 January, 2023 12:30pm

Union Church Ministry Partner, SAT-7beams the Good News of the Kingdom of God straight into people’s homes, into the centre of family life in the Middle East and Africa. Through the power of satellite television, available to all, SAT-7 brings a message of hope and love directly into the lives of millions of people, every day.

SAT-7's CEO, Rita El-Mounayer is visiting Hong Kong. You are invited to meet Rita and enjoy a light lunch at Union Church on Sunday, 29 January, 12:30 - 1:30. Join Nick Appel, Chair, Union Church Missions Committee, and discover SAT-7's impact on this strategic part of world, and how you might get involved with this Union Church Ministry Partner.

Registration required.

Union Church is also invited to SAT-7 Hong Kong's seminar and inauguration on Sunday, 29 January, 2:30pm at the Truth Centre NPAC. The event, led by Rita El-Mounayer and Kurt Johansen, will be conducted in English and Cantonese. Learn more and register here.

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