Our Team

Joshua Cheang


Joshua studied Digital Music and Media Production at the Hong Kong Design Institute. After graduating, he worked as a session musician playing for weddings and funerals for nearly 9 years. In 2017, Joshua decided to explore life in Los Angeles and pursued another degree in Piano Performance at the Los Angeles College of Music. During his time in LA, he had the opportunity to reflect on his faith and became a producer for a Cantonese music ministry called His Torch Music Ministry. It was in LA that Joshua also met his wife, Priscilla, and they attended the same church together.

After completing his studies, Joshua returned to Hong Kong and began searching for full-time employment amidst the pandemic. He witnessed God's provision as he started working as a technician in a bank and eventually transitioned to becoming a live production manager in a church. Each step in his journey has shaped and equipped him for his calling of worship – to share the gospel and his testimony through music and digital productions.

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