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Teddy Packham


Teddy was born in the far north of England in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. He claims to be a Geordie Lad yet hasn’t the accent or follow football closely enough to justify this claim. He grew up in Church of England schools yet wasn’t a believer until much later in his life.

He studied Music Production in Newcastle Uni and then went on to study another degree in Media Technology down south and that’s where his life started to turn around. A chance group project would lead Teddy to meet his future wife Gigi, a transfer student from Hong Kong. And after graduating and working for a music charity for a year he decided to move to Hong Kong to be closer to her.

In 2014 Teddy was an English teacher in a local band 1 school for four years. One day early on in his time at the school a colleague invited him to an international church and that’s when he came to faith. Then for nearly the last five years Teddy has been working as a Creative Video Producer in another faith-based organisation in Hong Kong. 

During COVID he helped produce their online sermons and a wide variety of their video content. He felt a call in early 2023 to move on and spiritually grow in a different way. He’s excited to help grow Union’s digital Ministry and bring the gospel in a creative way to the corners of the world.

In his free time you can probably find him running in circles somewhere in the New Territories (a current goal is to be fast enough to qualify for the Boston Marathon/complete an Ironman) or have coffee in a fancy café with his wife.

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