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U Matters - 30 Nov 2017

by Greg Anderson on November 30, 2017

The past few months I have been praying for friends looking for new jobs.  What I have discovered is that my friends do not enjoy waiting.  They want (and in some cases need) quick answers from organisations and companies that take their time.  For two of them, the wait is over and they are enjoying great new opportunities.  But the patience and preparation the remaining job seekers exhibit has been a wonderful witness to me.  To be honest, few of us are very good at waiting.  Sunday we begin the season of Advent, “a time of expectant waiting and preparation” for the celebration of the birth of Christ.   Advent can be a time of  a great spiritual learning but it is too easy to miss as we rush toward Christmas.  Let’s take time to reflect, pray, and grow and we prepare to celebrate the coming (meaning of the term Advent) of Christ.

Advent started with the  Friday Youth Christmas Banquet.  Today the choir, under the leadership of Forrest Morr, brings to us the cantata “Sing Joy to All the World.”  We thank our choir and orchestra for their act of worship that will focus our attention in a most winsome way.

Pastor Greg

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