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U Matters - 29 Oct 2015

by Greg Anderson on October 29, 2015

"What's So Amazing About Grace?" is a great question. It is also the title of Philip Yancey's best-selling book. Speaking of Philip Yancey, Union is sponsoring this amazing man of God's visit to Hong Kong. He will be speaking at Oasis 8:00PM, 18 November and at a special service at 7:30PM,19 November. Both of these events will be packed so get your tickets online. Union members will have priority, but we are opening it to the whole community. Please pray for our team as they coordinate this life-changing event.

Union can do things like this because of your generosity. Grace is so amazing that the only response is gratitude and contentment. We can't earn God's blessing and favour, we can only accept it through Christ. As grace-filled, thankful, content children of our Loving Father, we are free to share that blessing with others. Thank you ahead of time for celebrating the joy that comes from responding to God's grace.

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