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U Matters - U Matters - 29 Nov 2018

U Matters - 29 Nov 2018

Posted by Greg Anderson on

Several years ago in Cambridge I heard the great literary theorist, who has returned to his Christian faith, Terry Eagleton give a talk, later published by Yale University Press, entitled HOPE WITHOUT OPTIMISM. That phrase has stuck with me. As we begin the Advent season, the first focus is Hope. Someone recently told me I was too optimistic. Wish they had said I was too hopeful. The Christian can’t be too hopeful because we have a God who makes promises and he keeps them. My dictionary tells me that hope used to mean, “a feeling of trust.” Now we use the term to describe “a feeling of expectation and desire for a thing to happen.” Growing up—and to be honest, still—I can’t wait for Christmas because I know my family will provide keen presents for me.
It is that feeling of trust and anticipation thats sums up what Advent is all about.

The Union Church Choir will bring their Christmas cantata, “Celebrate the Joy” to us at the 9:45AM and 11:15AM services. We will have a live preacher (me) in the U Cafe at 11:15AM and we will celebrate communion at 8:45AM, U Café, and at the 5:15PM service. Hope you can make it to celebrate with us!

Pastor Greg

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