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U Matters - U Matters - 12 Oct 2017

U Matters - 12 Oct 2017

Posted by Greg Anderson on

This Sunday we will take a 10/10/10 offering.  Working with the Hong Kong Church Network for the Poor, we will take a special offering to address the needs of the over one million HK residents living in poverty.  The Missions Committee, along with a number of Union members, support this ministry with their time and expertise.

We have a special guest preacher at the 8:45AM service as well as an interview with her at 9:45AM and 11:15AM.  Rev. Esther Tung leads the prison ministry in HK.  For years Union members have been going to the men's prisons.  More recently a large group from our booming Women's Ministry have started to go to the women's prisons.  You will have the chance to meet the amazing minister who God has used to help us reach prisoners with the Gospel.  What changed lives we have seen!

By the way, our 8:45AM service is blossoming in attendance but we can still guarantee you a seat.  If you haven't tried it, this would be the week to go!

Pastor Greg

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