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U Matters - U Matters - 10 May 2018

U Matters - 10 May 2018

Posted by Greg Anderson on

“Blessed are the poor.” You will have a special opportunity to put Christ’s words into action. A generous member of Union has agreed to match a special offering to the Hong Kong Church Network for the Poor up to $150,000! What a chance to double your money to reach the poor in some of the most creative ways I know. Please prayerfully consider giving to the great cause during the offering this Sunday. The Union Missions Committee was asked by the Deacons to find ways to reach out to the poor in HK. The HK Church Network for the Poor has been a wonderful vehicle to do this. Many of our members are volunteers and tutors who have found their calling in service through this organisation.

On 3 June we plan to combine the congregation for a joint worship service at 10:30AM at a location close to Sunlight Tower. Young people will be confirmed, both the choir and praise groups will sing, and we hope it will allow everyone at Union to meet those who attend a different service. There will be a BBQ that follows and a special lecture from Dr. John Walton, one of the top Old Testament Lecturers in the world. Watch this space for more information but put it in your calendar. It will be a wonderful way to celebrate TOGETHER how the Lord has been working in our church during these exciting months of transition.

Pastor Greg

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