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U Matters - U Matters - 07 Jun 2018

U Matters - 07 Jun 2018

Posted by Greg Anderson on

“I didn’t realise I belonged to such a big church,” was my favourite comment from last Sunday. It was great to get everyone together at one time and place. Last week’s joint service was amazing. Thank you for all who found the site and apologies to the fifty or so that showed up at Sunlight Tower. The singing, Dr. John Walton’s sermon, Confirmation, and Communion made it a worship service we will all remember. The BBQ allowed us to reconnect in ways that were wonderful. Special thanks to the many volunteers and janitors who helped us to set up and clean up.

This Sunday will be one of celebration. Twenty-four of our Children’s Sunday School students will graduate from Children’s to Youth Ministry. My wife Holly, along some great colleagues, have been teaching the 11:15AM class since they were 3 years old. I can’t imagine having the same Sunday School teachers for 8 years but every year the teachers advanced as well as the students. The result has been a joy and a chance to watch these young disciples of Jesus Christ flourish. We will also be recognising the high school graduates at the 11:15AM service. Well done young people!

Pastor Greg

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