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U Matters - U Matters - 05 Jul 2018

U Matters - 05 Jul 2018

Posted by Greg Anderson on

Since my sermon on Psalms 23 a number of people have shared what “the Lord is my shepherd” means to them. Others thanked me for the illustration about my deaf and blind dog Minnie. It is clear we have a dog-loving congregation, so my sermon was about our God and my dog. That brings up the old joke about a dyslexic Atheist who boldly proclaimed, “Dog is dead.” Our God is not dead but many who talked to me this week are going through a deep and dark valley in their lives. Relational, financial, spiritual, vocational and health challenges seem so overwhelming to so many of us. How comforting that Jesus is the Good Shepherd who leads his followers to ministries of care, compassion, and companionship. If you are going through a dark valley, don’t go through it alone. Union is about to launch a special ministry of pastoral care. Check with and pray with someone who will be there for you—following the example of a God who is always there.

In consultation with Union’s leaders, I will be taking a two month break this summer. There are some personal and family matters that demand my attention. I ask for your prayer during this critical time.

I will be gone from 8 July to 7 September. Pastor Michele and Anto will be joined for a month by Pastor Matthew Frederick. May God change us and use us in this summer.

Pastor Greg

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