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P.U.S.H. - P.U.S.H. - 08 Nov 2018

P.U.S.H. - 08 Nov 2018

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Prayer Until Something Happens - this week's prayer items...

  • "Be holy because I, the LORD your God, am holy.” Heavenly Father thank you for your commandment. Thank you for setting us apart as your chosen people.

  • Lord we thank you for answering our prayer about our community in Wan Chai! We thank you that a group from this Church was able to visit an elderly home in the local area this week. We pray that your Holy Spirit will continue to guide us to the people you want us to minister to.

  • Lord we lift up all the members of our church to you, especially those who are sick or whose loved ones are sick. Lord give us the burden to pray and support one another in sickness. We pray that in your loving mercy the sick will receive healing, those who care for them will receive your strength and peace.

  • Heavenly Father it saddens us as we pray for victims of yet another shooting in the U.S. We ask that your loving grace be poured out to the communities of California. Lord heal every heart in that land.

  • Lord we thank you for all the newly elected members of the House of Representatives in the U.S. We pray that these new leaders will lead in a way that honours you. We pray for fairness and justness upon the all elections taking place around the world.

  • Heavenly Father, for each day of the coming week we welcome you in the moments when we sense conviction of sin. We ask for your help, so we can answer your call to repentance and receive your loving blessing.

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