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P.U.S.H. - P.U.S.H. - 14 Sept 2017

P.U.S.H. - 14 Sept 2017

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Prayer Until Something Happens - this week's prayer items... 

  • Pray for victims of natural disasters around the world... from the hurricanes in the USA, earthquakes in Mexico and China, to floods in Pakistan. Pray that people find Jesus’ peace and compassion in the midst of turmoil.

  • Pray for those who are sick and pray for their caregivers, who tend to individuals day in and day out, often with little appreciation.

  • Pray for people to join activities at Union Church, whether the “just10” study, Alpha or upcoming mission trips.

Do you have a prayer request? Download the Union Church App and submit it online. Within minutes dozens and dozens of intercessors will be praying for you. To join the Union Church Prayer Chat please email Charles Caldwell at

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