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Acts@22A - 23 May 2019

23.05.19 | Acts@22A

    U Matters

    “Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, Rejoice.” Philippines 4:4
    This past week has been full and fabulous. There were so many areas of participation and engagement and there were so many reasons to rejoice! Rejoicing in the ICC banquet; the One- Hearing the Word Campaign Thanksgiving Service; the Joint Leaders and Staff Day Retreat; the 20 Stephen’s Ministers who were commissioned; the HK Christian Council radio appreciation seminar; the new “Re-Charge Your Family” series; the 125 toiletries kits delivered to Impact HK and Hope for the City and I know many people had various prayers answered.  What a week! 
    BUT the celebration continues! 
    THIS SUNDAY, we celebrate “Church is… ONE.” 
    Join us at Tang Shiu Kin Secondary School, 9 Oi Kwan Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. (10 mins walk from Union Church) 
    Service starts at 10:30am, with Sunday School, Gospel Choir, followed by a BBQ. Feel free to bring a salad or dessert. See the map below for details.
    Anto, our Young Adults Director is also rejoicing:
    Union Church family, it is with great excitement that Jess and I share the news of our move to England this summer. The Lord has opened an unexpected door for me in Godalming, a town in Surrey, southwest of London. I will be serving as Youth Minister at Busbridge & Hambledon Church (Church of England). This move will allow us to be closer to families and for Jess to continue her career in London. As we begin to reflect on this season spent in Hong Kong, Jess and I are full of gratitude for all those who have walked with us, spoken into our lives and allowed us to be part of theirs. Hong Kong is a special place full of some special people who will remain close to our hearts. Thank you Union Church for these 3 years of ministry.
    On behalf of Union Church, we would like to say thank-you to Anto and Jess. Your ministries have been a blessing to us in so many ways. We can rejoice that you are going where the Lord is leading, however, we are sad to see you go and you will be missed. A farewell will be held on Sunday June 16th and their last Sunday is July 21st.
    Pastor Michele


    Family News

    Annual General Meeting (AGM) Minutes
    The minutes of the AGM held on 23 March 2019 are available for viewing at the Welcome Table. Please send any suggested amendments to the Honorary Secretary, Bronwyn Alexander, before 3 June 2019. The Committee of Management (COM) will finalise the minutes at their next meeting. 

    Church Family Meeting

    Please note that there will be a Church Family Meeting on Sunday 9 June from 12:30-1:30PM. Childcare provided. 

    This Sunday: ONE Worship - 10:30AM

    We will meet at SKH Tang Siu Kin Secondary School, 9 Oi Kwan Road, Wan Chai. This is a wonderful opportunity to worship together and to bring a friend. There will be a BBQ following the service.  Bring a salad or a dessert. Contact Michele or David for questions.

    We will be paying tribute to all of our Sunday School Teachers for their dedication and love towards our Children's Ministry. Our Sunday School Teachers comprise of parents, young adults and youth who volunteer their Sunday mornings to minister and care for our children.  On behalf of all the children, parents and Union Church family, we would like to say ‘A BIG THANK YOU’.
    Ruby Herico, Cristina Yangkin, Merlinda David Faan, Michele Navarro Bergabenia
    Kathy Foley, Carli Luxton, Jessica Hexter, Phillip Savio, Anna Isaac, Lian Chiu, Jessica Leung, David Tong, Elizabeth Pang, Harry Mak, Grace Sadsad, Lester Sadsad, Pei Quan, Jessica Ficatier, Juliana Rotmeyer, Aquin Dennison, Jacqueline Hirs, Simon Chiu, Maurice Yeung, Mandy Wong, Katelyn Ting, Elza Wong, Lindy Fok, Tinja Wright, Tariq Dennison, Terence Teo, Patrick Wong, Jefferson Cheung, Nicole Li, Christopher Chua, Brad Landes, Sebastian Caldwell, Elise Bland, Eliott Bland, Britta Tellvik, Caleb Tellvik, Isaac Lee, Abigail Lee, Daniel Allison, Jody Lee, Giselle Lee
    Jonathan Ah-Weng, William McCaw, Andrew Foster, Sung-Min Chung, Sujith Abraham, Andrew Hexter, Eugene Chung, Matt Peterson, David Tong, Ricky Pang, Hong Seob Shin, Simon Chiu, Meno Vos, Min Suk Oh,Terence Teo, Christopher Chua, Michel Demuynck, Paul Lundquist.
    Karinda Chuntavorn, Teresa Fox, Tess Lyons, Amie Moriarty, Gaby Keung, John Jamison, Kathy Foley, Wanda Yuen, Jennifer Purvis, Dale Weathington, Charles Caldwell, Marissa Bezanilla, Elise Bland

    Please extend your thanks to all of our teachers and volunteers.


    This Week

    “The Marriage Course” - Social Info Gathering & DinnerTuesday 28 May 2019, 7:00PM to 9:30PM  
    Want to know more about the Marriage Course? Come and join us for a social, info gathering evening!!! Sign up in the foyer. Register online or contact Joanna Yau for more details.

    ReCharge Wednesdays

    We fellowship, worship, and study.
    7:00PM - dinner
    7:30PM - worship
    7:45PM-9:00PM - classes/talks
    Parables of Jesus: Study for Youth
    We are looking at the context in which Jesus taught them, gaining a better understanding of their meaning and how they apply in our lives. We will read the parables together, and also have time to discuss how they speak to us personally. This class is geared towards Youth (ages 11-18).
    Contact: Hunter Purvis
    Faith in the Midst of Suffering: Learning with Job
    Job is a man who knows suffering - he loses everything! In Job’s story we hear questions all of us ask: Why do terrible things happen? How can we trust God when loving makes us so vulnerable? Join us - it's never too late! 
    Contact: Monte Peterson.
    Big Picture: a new study about the Bible (for Young Adults)
    We all have questions about the Bible: What is it? Who wrote it? When? Why? In this study Anto Ficatier (Young Adults Director) and Tyler Cox (Theology teacher at ICS) present a “big picture” overview of the Bible, with historical, theological, and practical insights. Each session will be highly interactive and will spark great conversations!
    Contact: Anto Ficatier 
    Recharge your Family
    Recharge your Parenting: Technology and Family, Anto Ficiater on Wednesday, 29 May.
    Recharge your Parenting: Parenting Teens, Josh Powell on Wednesday 5 June.

    Message from the Joint Leaders

    Prayer and Discernment for Union Church - 6:15PM to 7:00PM
    The purpose of this group is to pray and discern the next season of Union Church. Our prayer resulting from these discernment evenings, is that we not only step forward in God's time with the search for a new senior pastor, but we also discern God’s will and desired shape for Union Church in anticipation of returning to 22A Kennedy Road. It is imperative that we are Christ-centered and truly understand what God is calling Union Church to do, and who to lead us.

    Adult Education

    Jewish Faith: Window into the Biblical World
    Sunday, June 2, 12:30-2:00, lunch provided - our own Catriona Woodrow, seasoned teacher and theology student, will lead us in a study of Jewish faith and practices in Biblical times, enriching how we read and understand both the Old and New Testaments.
    Sign up at the Welcome Table or here
    Summer Lunch-time study of Revelation
    Join Yan Yu for an in-depth study of Revelation this summer, looking at Revelation's historical context, focusing on heavenly worship and trusting in God's control even in our darkest times. Participants should read in advance of each session, around half a chapter per day. Begins Monday, 27 May, 12:00-14:00PM, discussing chapters 1-3. Contact Yan ( ) with any questions and go to Union website for the schedule. 


    Light of the World Preschool in Myanmar - Donations Needed!
    A group from Union will be visiting Light of the World Church and Preschool in Myanmar in early June. We would like to take gifts for the preschool to meet their current needs for indoor craft/play items during the rainy season.
    We are collecting the following: coloured paper, pencils, coloured pencils, glue, scissors, and Play-Doh. If you would like to donate any of these items, please drop them to Sunlight Tower by Sunday, 2 June.

    Elderly Home Visit

    Elderly Visit on Saturday 8 June, 2:00-3:00PM at Kowloon Tong, China Coast Community! Please come, connect and bless! Sign up at the Welcome Table. 

    Small Groups

    Small groups are one of the main ways we connect with each other and connect with God, learning what the Kingdom of God is all about. Interested in joining or starting a group? 
    Contact Monte Peterson


    Fertility & Pregnancy/Infant Loss Support Group - Struggling and could use some fellowship, friendship and support? Contact Sonia Lee.

    Baptism and Membership

    If you have been attending Union Church for a while and have never gone through the official process to become a member, now is your chance. Please collect a green form and make it official!
    If you have never been baptized and are interested, please see Pastor Michele.

    Young Adults

    New to Union?
    Are you a Young Adult? New to Union Church? Make sure you meet our Young Adults Director, Anto Ficatier, at the Welcome Table every Sunday. You can also email Anto for more information about Young Adults at Union!


    Friday Youth Group - 24 May
    Juniors (11-13) are asked to arrive at 6PM. We will head to SCAA to go bowling! Juniors will then return to Church at 8PM for dinner and dismissal.
    Seniors (14-18) are to arrive from 6:30-9PM with ‘hangout’ in the Youth Room from 9-10PM.
    NO Sunday Youth Group 26 May
    There will be no Sunday Youth Group this Sunday due to the ONE Worship service at 10:30AM at TSK School.

    Kingdom Kids

    Sunday School Senior Student’s Graduation, 9 June at 11:15AM
    Children born in the year 2008 will be graduating from Sunday School and we will have a short graduation ceremony at the 11:15AM service.  Please join us as we bless these children on their next journey in seeking Christ through the Youth program. 
    Sunday School 2018/2019 Registration 
    Register HERE. Registration Forms are also available at the Welcome Table. Contact us at CHILDREN or at 2101 0414 for any enquiries. 

    Filipino Ministry

    1:00PM - 1:50PM     Congregational Prayer
    2:00PM - 2:50PM     Bible Study Groups
    3:00PM - 4:00PM     Worship Service
    Every 1st Sunday of the Month from 9:00AM to 12:00PM Outreach & Evangelism.

    Last Week's Sermons

    "Church is... Ministry" by Pastor Michele