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    Acts@22A - 27 Sep 2018

    27.09.18 | Acts@22A

      SHARE:                     U Matters Dear Congregation,  Thanks for all your prayers on behalf of my father.  He came through the surgery without his heart...

      Acts@22A - 20 Sep 2018

      20.09.18 | Acts@22A

        SHARE:                     U Matters The talk of the town is Typhoon Mangkhut, the strongest storm on record in Hong Kong. Holly and I felt we were living through...

        Acts@22A - 13 Sep 2018

        13.09.18 | Acts@22A

          SHARE:                     U Matters How wonderful it was to be back and preaching last Sunday. I received a text Monday from a friend where he used the phrase: "...

          Acts@22A - 6 Sep 2018

          06.09.18 | Acts@22A

            SHARE:                     U Matters On Wednesday we launched Recharge season two featuring light dinner, worship, a Young Adult series, a pastoral care...

            Acts@22A - 30 Aug 2018

            30.08.18 | Acts@22A

              SHARE:                     U Matters The Great Commission gives Christians direction in how we are to live our lives. Jesus said, “Therefore go and make...

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