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    Acts@22A - 19 Jul 2018

    19.07.18 | Acts@22A

      SHARE:                     U Matters My favourite verse about the church is found in Acts 2:42-47. In this text we see the early church focused and intentional on...

      Acts@22A - 12 Jul 2018

      12.07.18 | Acts@22A

        SHARE:                     U Matters In June, I traveled to Florida to train to become a Stephen Leader. It was a positive and encouraging experience. Since 1975...

        Acts@22A - 05 Jul 2018

        05.07.18 | Acts@22A

          SHARE:                     U Matters Since my sermon on Psalms 23 a number of people have shared what “the Lord is my shepherd” means to them. Others...

          Acts@22A - 28 Jun 2018

          28.06.18 | Acts@22A

            SHARE:                     U Matters Are you being pursued by God’s love?This Sunday we focus our attention on Psalm 23.  I encourage you to read it...

            Acts@22A - 21 Jun 2018

            21.06.18 | Acts@22A

              SHARE:                     U Matters In Wednesday’s Summer Psalms class someone shared a word: ”Magnificant.”  He said a friend put together...

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